BackStab Cinematics Trailer 2016-12-09T11:05:26+00:00

Project Description

Lead lighting, shading and rendering of the cinematics for the Gameloft video game BackStab (formerly named Bloody Requiem).

You can watch the video here. The reason of the high saturation shown in the video is because this is the iPad version and more saturation were needed for the iPad screen.

BackStab – Henry Blake’s Tale
Production: Gameloft
Director / Script / Art Director: Alexandre “Osmoze” Brakha
Character modeling: Olivier Thériault / Véronique Comeau
Environment Artists / Props: Thibaut Claeys / Pascal Beeckmans / Simon Corbaux
Lighting / Shading / Rendering: Juan Carlos Jiménez Vadillo
Animation: Jocelyn Roy (lead) / Alexandre Albala / Daniel Shlaifer / Patrick Rossano
Matte painting: Cristobal Nieto
Rigging / FX.: Martin Lutteral
Technical Director: Martin Lutteral
Logo design: Sylvain Rogé
CG Supervisor.: Eric Labranche
Producer: Benjamin Goldman
Music: Gameloft team
Compositing: Patrice Bilodeau / Marie Eve Provencal