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3D Luvr! 3D Geek! 3D Artist!

My name is Juan Carlos Jiménez. I was born in Madrid, Spain, years ago. I’ve spent my entire life devoted to 3D, design, computer graphics and other kind of artistic expressions. In early 1992, I began using 3D Studio R2 for MS-DOS. So, I can fairly say that I have over years of experience.

To stay in touch with technology and to satisfy my passion for programming, I was graduated in 2004 as a Computer Engineer.

My professional career started out, years ago, as VFX Artist in Next Limit. I spent almost two years running RealFlow simulations for movies, commercials and TV. It was necessary for me to come up with a major project, then I joined Ilion Animation Studios as a Senior Simulation and Effects Artist for the movie ‘Planet 51’ during six months.

With the goal of accumulating knowledge from other fields of the industry, I was employed in RandomControl to create some 3D virtual reality technology research, in Differend Games making some games stuff and in Habitania Light Hub, one of the most important architectural visualization companies in my country.

Then I spent two years working as a graphics supervisor in Producciones Mandarina, a TV production company, creating high-end graphics for some awarded TV shows and documentaries for most of the TV channels here in Spain (Telecinco, TVE, Cuatro, TV3 and 8TV).

In 2010 traveled to Canada to work for Gameloft Montreal as lead lighting, shading and rendering artist for the Cinematics/Trailers department.

Since 2007 I’m running my own company so I can work in lighting, product visualization and 3D modeling which are my real passion.

If you want to hire me for some freelance or permanent work, please contact me using the form.




V-Ray: my system

V-Ray: my system.


The most complete and updated theoretical and practical guide

V-Ray: my system will guide you through the foundations of V-Ray with theoretical lessons and practical exercises. It includes the most updated and complete reference guide (including V-Ray 3.5) and step by step tutorials with methods, tips and tricks and professional techniques you’ll need to know in order to get the most out of your renders. Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert eager to update and improve your knowledge, you’ll find here all the information you need.

The book is about to be finished and will be published soon. If you want to be aware of news and dates, please visit the book microsite.

The book site



My 3D related skills include modeling, lighting, shading and rendering, postproduction and compositing, look development… But I particularly excel at:

Studying how light reacts with shaders and materials always caught me. In fact, the first book I wrote was related to lighting techniques.


I have used most of the commercial render engines in production but I definitely love V-Ray. Although I always test last render engines to stay updated with new features.


It was my true passion for years. I haven’t worked a lot on modeling for production but I always have some time to create models (specially cars) for personal projects.




Anypixel – Freelance 3D Artist
Madrid, Spain
March 2007 – Present
3D Visualization, animation, multimedia, TV gfx, TV commercials and Visual FX. Several freelance projects were made during this period for Disney Consumer Products and Pixar.

CGShape / Anneo Technologies – Co-founder and Operations Director
Madrid, Spain
October 2011 – Present
CG, Art, Technical decision making and 3D projects supervision

Gameloft Montreal – Lead Lighting and Shading
Montreal, Canada
November 2010 – April 2011
Lead lighting, shading and rendering for the Cinematics/Trailers department.

Disney Consumer Products – Freelance 3D Artist
Madrid, Spain
December 2009 – October 2010
Modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering 3D promotional content for Cars 2, Epic Mickey and Tron Legacy.

BQ – Senior 3D Artist
Madrid, Spain
September 2015 – December 2015
Product visualization for the company smartphones, tablets and 3D printers.

Telecinco / Producciones Mandarina – 3D GFX Supervisor
Madrid, Spain
February 2006 – April 2007
3D Supervisor. 3D content, video and post-production for some of the most important TV programs of the channel (El Buscador, Dolce Vita, Esto es increíble, Díselo a Jordi, X-Top, Xtra, X q no te callas…).

Televisión Española / Buenacostumbre – 3D GFX Supervisor
Madrid, Spain
August 2005 – January 2006
3D and 2D art and animations for the late night Ruffus & Navarro Unplugged conducted by Pepe Navarro.

Habitania LightHub – Senior 3D Artist
Madrid, Spain
April 2005 – August 2005
Architectural visualization.

Négone – Differend Games – Senior 3D Artist
Madrid, Spain
November 2004 – March 2005
3D environments and renderings for the real game experience made by this company, UI design and Web design.

RandomControl / Feversoft – 3D Environment Artist
Madrid, Spain
May 2004 – September 2004
Environment modeling and texturing for real time rendering engines created by the company for video games and virtual sets.

Ilion Animation Studios – VFX Artist
Madrid, Spain
November 2003 – May 2004
Visual FX expert in 3D cloth simulation and fluids and particles simulation for the movie “Planet 51”.

Next Limit – Senior 3D Artist / VFX Artist
Madrid, Spain
June 2002 – November 2003
Fluids simulation with RealFlow. VFX for TV spots and movies including “Lord of the Rings III: The Return of the King”.



“Through his efficiency and professionalism, he was up and running producing high quality work within a week. The Disney Consumer Products team has been impressed with his work and output!”

DAN OWEN – VP and Central Creative at Disney Consumer Products

“As a professional, he’s among the best I know. He’s a great teamworker, and he has a deep knowledge of 3ds Max and Vray, and a very sharp artistic eye.”

MARTÍN LUTTERAL – Technical Director at Gameloft Montreal

“He has a very good sense of creativity. He is very reactive and demonstrated a great professionalism. It’s a pleasure to work with someone like him who helps you to create and directing good projects”

ALEXANDRE “OSMOZE” BRAKHA – Director at Gameloft Montreal

“He made himself a valuable member of the team in a very short period of time, delivering a great amount of work in the required crazy deadlines we needed to meet. I could always trust him with important projects.”

ERIC LABRANCHE – CG Supervisor at Gameloft Montreal




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If you need further information about me or my work or if you want to hire me for some freelance or permanent job, please contact me using the form. I use to reply within a day.